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DISCLAIMER: I am not a registered dietitian. I am a certified personal trainer and this guide simply includes information and advice from my own experience. Take it all with a grain of salt!

My hope is that you use this nutrition guide as an educational resource while on your own health and fitness journey. With all the information I put out there, I aim to make things as simple and easy to understand as possible; the simpler and easier things are to understand, the easier they are to apply to your lifestyle! In the guide you’ll find information on the basics of nutrition, my advice for a “healthy” diet, how I coach my clients through finding their maintenance calories, how to go about calorie deficits for those with fat loss goals, how to go about calorie surpluses for those with muscle gain goals, how to work through reverse diets, and also information on my own diet!


Let me be clear, this nutrition guide is a resource full of information and advice from my own personal experience; it is not a meal plan. I do not follow a meal plan of any kind and I am also not qualified to create and sell meal plans since I am not a registered dietician. Nutrition is by no means a one size fits all type of thing so a one size fits all meal plan does not exist. This guide is for those who truly want to learn what works best for them and how to make changes in their diet to help them reach their goals!


Each PDF download purchased by a customer is limited to a single user only. Thank you!

JM Fitness Nutrition Guide

  • Be sure to download the PDF (not the link) within 30 days; after 30 days the link expires. I like to download to the Apple Books app. If your link expires, email me your order confirmation number and I will resend the link! All sales are final.

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